Hi, I'm Holiday!

Yep, you guessed it...I'm a pretty happy girl.
DREAM JOB: A tour bus + a stage
REALITY: Yoga pants, Pinterest fails, and life as a mompreneur

Life is short. Wear the tutu!

You know those dreams you've had...the ones that have kept you up at night...those little girl (or grown up) dreams that you once believed would come true? The dreams that give you goosebumps? The dreams that live in your heart and bring you the my-skinny-jeans-fit kind of joy?


This is my story. It hasn't always been happy, and it's been far from perfect. But I've learned some lessons along the way, and my dream is to share them with you.



I love my family, Jesus and pizza... Not necessarily in that order :)
My husband and I have been married for almost 5 years. I am a mama to two little girls and the not-so-wicked stepmom to twin teenie boppers. One of my goals in life is to master cooking dinner for all 6 of us, have everyone eat, and the dishes magically disappear. Oh, and for the calories not to count. #wishfulthinking



In my former life I was a teacher...today I’m a CEO.
13 years ago I left the classroom and started my own marketing virtual assistant company
(Office Buzz)
It was the hardest (and best) decision I have ever made.
Working alongside of my clients while helping them achieve their dreams is a dream come true.
Their secret? Delegation!
I’m in the business of helping
you build yours!

B and N Doors Release Day.jpg


I am the co-author of
The Ex-Wives' Guide to Divorce.
I wrote it with my ex-husbands' first ex wife (yes, really!)
Our goal is to empower women and encourage them to
SHINE ON after divorce.
My divorce doesn't define me but it is a part of my journey. I love being able to share my story with others and encourage them to seek joy after experiencing heartache.


Looking for a speaker to encourage, inspire, motivate and shoot you straight? Tired of hearing the same old thing and ready for someone to BRING IT?

I’m a shoot from the hip, tell it like it is, keepin’ it real kind
of girl. You’ll definitely laugh, you might even cry…
My goal is to inspire you to take the next step…
whatever that direction may be.